3 Alternative Therapies for Weight Loss

Eastern Medicine

When it comes to losing weight, it never seems easy. There are so many different diets, exercises, and pills that it can all be overwhelming and frustrating if all avenues seem to lead to dead ends. If you’ve tried and failed time and time again, perhaps it’s time you looked at some alternative therapies for weight loss. These three alternative therapies for weight loss have been used by others with success and it may help you lower your body weight.

Acupuncture and Acupressure- Acupuncture and acupressure are very closely related only acupuncture uses needles in its techniques and acupressure uses pressure in its techniques. Both are used to restore the flow of qi, or energy, in the body and cure many illnesses from addiction to chronic headaches. Both have been used successfully to create weight loss. Acupuncture uses needles inserted into the body at strategic locations to help alleviate the things that may be causing a person to become overweight which is usually caused by an underlying health problem. Acupressure uses the same basic technique but instead of using needles it is done with the practitioners fingertips applying pressure at certain locations. Both are known to reduce pain and increase energy, giving the patient the ability to move with more ease and in effect, burn more calories causing weight loss.

Hypnosis– Hypnosis is done by relaxing the mind and suggestive imagery to help the patient create better habits. This isn’t done with a dramatic one time change like in the movies. In order for hypnosis to work, it usually requires a series of treatments. Many times our inability to lose weight is all mental. We may just need a little help to be mentally strong enough to make the required changes and stick with our plan until we reach success. A hypnosis treatment may help the patient to control cravings and appetite, help create healthy exercise habits and stop any unhealthy ones, like smoking. Although hypnosis cannot be proven to be effective, many people have successfully used hypnosis for weight loss and to combat obesity.

Ayurveda- This thousand year old Indian medicinal lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle. It is not meant to cure one health problem but treat the body as a whole for the highest level of health possible. It incorporates diet, massage, and meditation. It encourages self massage and mindful breathing techniques as well as using herbs to treat ailments. For weight loss, drinking hot water with lemon throughout the day is a common prescribed technique. Ayurveda also uses a detox tea to help improve digestion and shrink fat cells. A typical diet in Ayurveda would consist of eating 50% of your calories in the middle of the day with a light breakfast and a light dinner. Curry powder is also believed to aid in weight loss according to the Ayurveda way of life. Ayurveda is a very gentle treatment and works wonders for those undergoing a lot of stress.


Written by Crystal Amelco