5 Ways to Treat Fatigue with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Eastern Medicine

However severe the symptoms, fatigue is a very common health issue and it can affect all areas of your life. People all over the world are trying to find ways to treat fatigue but one of the best ways to combat this problem is through Traditional Chinese Medicine. The main goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, is to restore the balance of the two main forces of qi in your body, the yin and the yang. The cold and slow energy of the yin and the fast and hot energy of the yang are meant to complement each other. An imbalance of your qi is considered the main reason for most health issues, including fatigue. By simply realigning the forces of your yin and yang you can boost your natural energy and eliminate fatigue. Traditional Chinese Medicine does this is five different ways.

Rest- Fatigue can come when you don’t nurture your yin energy. Perhaps you are stressed and busy and don’t allow yourself to rest properly. Beyond just sleeping, TCM puts emphasis on mindful rest. It could come in the form of reading a book, meditation, prayer, or quiet time in nature. Schedule time each day for this type of rest as well as a good 7-8 hours of sleep a night to see your fatigue start to alleviate.

Diet- Certain foods can really mess up your energy levels. The stomach is the center of the qi production in TCM and it stresses dietary changes for optimal balance when you are out of whack. To combat fatigue stay away from processed foods, sugar, and alcohol. Cutting these out of your diet will give many other health benefits as well as combating fatigue. To nourish the body and restore energy, TCM promotes eating and drinking warm, healthy foods and drinks.

Qigong- Qigong is a controlled, meditative exercise that helps increase yin energy. Tai chi is an example of a very popular qigong practice today. Most of these types of exercises will stress a slow and fluid movement with breathing awareness and meditation. When practicing qigong daily you can increase your energy and reduce tiredness. Most areas have tai chi or other qigong classes available or you can watch a video online.

Acupuncture- Acupuncture is probably the most popular form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves a licensed practitioner inserting tiny needles at strategic places throughout the body to treat illnesses. This type of treatment for fatigue is said to directly affect the qi energy by slowing down the yang forces and nurturing the yin. Acupuncture can be found almost anywhere and is considered to be one of the most rapidly effective cures for fatigue by most TCM practitioners.

Herbs- Herbal supplementation is a common treatment choice in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Before our prescription drugs of today, most medicines were plant or herbal based. Your TCM practitioner may give you sweet wormwood or ginseng to help give you an energy boost.


Written by Crystal Amelco