Benefits of Chinese Medicine for Facial Rejuvenation


Since ancient times, our facial beauty has been a never-ending topic.  A constant struggle to remain young and maintain our beauty has been the focus of both women and men alike. Nowadays, we have cosmetic surgeries that are considered effective, but still very risky. Now, not only older, but also increasingly younger generations tend to go for cosmetic surgery of some kind; they spend an extreme amount of money as while facing risks during and after surgery.

How can Acupuncture and herbs help facial rejuvenation?  Chinese Medicine looks at a body as a whole; it does not take each organ and treat it separately. Rather, it takes care of the whole body. Your face is a part of your body; whatever happens in your body shows up on your face. When a person is under stress, the face will look tired. When a person is crying, upset, angry, jealous, or happy, all the emotions show up on the person’s face. Any problems with the internal organs will also appear on the person’s face.

Why do we get wrinkles when we get older? Blood circulation slows down as we get older, and if we have less blood circulating up to our face, the face does not get enough nourishment and moisture. External pathogens such as sun, wind, and cold damage the top layer of our skin causing it to become dry, rough, and less flexible. What can Acupuncture do for you? Acupuncture treats the internal organs that affect the condition of your face. Acupuncture will relax the muscles, circulate blood and energy, and strengthen the facial muscles.

Herbs, on the other hand, will take care of any internal problems that cause a person’s skin to get older. There are a number of reasons why the skin will get older faster, or why some people go through life with very few wrinkles. I will talk about skin rejuvenation with Chinese Medicine in my future topics. I believe it is one of the more interesting subjects for many people.

By: Raphaela Sorkin