Chinese Colors: Associations in Feng Shui

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I want to talk a little about colors and how they affect our mood and wellbeing. First, I want to say a few words about my professor Lin Yun, the leader of the Black Sect Tantric School of Feng Shui. The reason I mention this is because the teaching of the Black Sect focuses not only on the principles of Feng Shui, but deals mostly with ancient Chinese philosophies and transcendental practices. By transcendental, I mean of a different realm.  I will let you in on some of the teachings of my professor Lin Yun and how he perceived colors through transcendental means of Feng Shui.

Red is one of the main auspicious colors of China. Red means strength, power, fame, happiness, and it pertains to the element of Fire. Many Chinese brides wear red instead of the traditional white dresses to bring love and happiness to their marriage. My professor used to say that it is the color of good energy, and it has the power to expel bad energy. Thu, on Chinese New Year day, people give out red envelopes with money inside for a good and prosperous New Year.

“Purple!” Master Lin used to say, “It’s so red, it’s purple”. What he meant was that the purple color is more red than red itself. It is yet another color of red, equally auspicious and very powerful. It is not only as lucky as red, but also pertains to fortune, nobility, and power.

Green is a very strong color in Feng Shui that symbolizes growth, health, hope, and is very often used in business to promote more energy and growth of business.

Black is the color of negativity, depression, and darkness. At the same time, black can also be a color of depth and perspectiveness, and is often used in office buildings for stability.

In the western world, white represents purity, which is why brides wear white. In China, on the other hand, white is worn by mourners to the funeral, while the corpse is also covered in white.

Yellow, gold or brown are considered and “Imperial Colors”. Yellow (or gold) stands for power; tt is the color of good health, and very often used in the dining areas for good digestion.

Pink is color of love, romance, and joy, and is used often in the bedroom.

Blue has a double meaning, because it means new growth and hope, but at the same time it is a secondary mourning color for the Chinese people. It is always avoided in all building projects.

Peach is a very interesting color that also has a double meaning. It is very auspicious for single people, because it would bring them attraction and love. At the same time it shouldn’t be used for married couples because it would bring destruction in marriage, and what in Chinese mythology is called “peach blossom luck”. Single people with “peach blossom luck” will attract admirers, but for married couples it will lead to adultery. So, this color can be used for single people, but once they are married, they should avoid using it.

In my next topic I will talk about Feng Shui colors for good health.

By: Raphaela Sorkin