Feng Shui and the Magical Compass


Feng Shui is based on the Ba Gua, a mystic compass or a map that comes from the I Ching or the Book of Changes. The Ba Gua is an octagonal shape map with a Yin and Yang symbol in the middle, representing “the center of everything”. The eight sides of the Ba Gua around the Yin and Yang symbol represents eight compass points, each of which governs a fundamental life issues: career knowledge, health, wealth, fame, marriage, children and benefactors. Each compass point includes other components: colors, seasons, numbers, and animals. You can manipulate your fate by balancing and harmonizing the arrangement of these items anywhere in a home or business. The four cardinal compass directions are South, East, North and East are affiliated with five elements: fire, metal, water, wood, and earth (which is at the center of the Ba Gua). In Chinese Medicine these five elements account for all matter, and together they make up the essential life force Chi.

By following the rules of Feng Shui, we can work with colors, the five elements of Chinese Medicine, as well as art work, plants, furniture, room shape, and location to create a balanced environment in any building, home, or office.  With influences in landscape, design, art, astrology, philosophy, and psychology, Feng Shui is a cross between an art and science. The Chinese scholars believed that an understanding of the Ba Gua and its relationship to houses, people and the environment, enables them to mystically manipulate their destiny. Ba Gua, when used in the house or business or anywhere else, determines the best place for a person to work or live, and each direction of Ba Gua corresponds to a different life aspiration. For example, the direction South corresponds to fame or the color red, while North corresponds to a person’s career and the color black, and so on. When you interpose the Ba Gua in the home or office, you can see which areas need improvement.  Feng Shui always has a solution for different problems, whether it is marriage, health issues, money, etc. Just like in Chinese Medicine, where we treat people with different problems by balancing their energy using acupuncture or herbs, the same principles apply in Feng Shui by balancing energy in a person’s environment.

By: Raphaela Sorkin