Location, Location, Location!


I believe this is the best line from the movie Dracula, Dead and Loving It. This is exactly what Feng Shui is all about: the right location is everything. Location of the house matters, because if someone’s house is located in a cul-de-sac area, one might have problems getting ahead in life. A house standing at an intersection may cause people to have health, money, or marriage issues or even accidents. A house located near a tall building may cause the people living in the house to always feel defeated, etc.

The shape of the house is essential. For instance, a house shaped like a letter “L” resembles an ax. People living in that house would always live on the edge. The history of a house and office is also very important and must be considered when being bought. The Chinese consider that moving to a house that had previous owners is like stepping into its former owners’ shoes.

Inside the house we look at many issues. What is the first thing you see when you enter the house? Is it the kitchen? If so, then people might suffer with weight problems. Is it a bathroom? Then they might have kidney or bladder issues. If the first room a person enters in a house is a bar or a playroom, then someone in the house might be prone to alcoholism or gambling.  How about having a kitchen or a bathroom in the middle of the house? If that is the case, people there might suffer with stomach, digestive disorders, loss of money, etc.  Room location is also important. Do you sleep in the right room? If one gets insomnia or nervousness in the bedroom, maybe it’s the room where one should be working. How about the colors of the room? A person must use the right colors for the corresponding area of the house. Furniture arrangement is equally as important, such as how one position the bed, the desk where one works, etc.

Can any of these problems be resolved with Feng Shui? Be realistic and remember that Feng Shui isn’t magic, it’s the way of life. Feng Shui adjustments and changes bring steady but meaningful effects. Balance of everything is the key to Feng Shui.

By: Raphaela Sorkin