Oriental Approach to Beauty

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We usually say, that whatever you feel inside will show up on your face. How true, because if you feel negativity, anger, jealousy, your face will automatically show that. A person who constantly feels anger, or who is constantly dissatisfied or worried, will have premature wrinkles. A serene, happy person, who is always smiling, will look beautiful into her or his old age.


I have been around many Oriental people, Chinese and Japanese, and I have to say that they age beautifully and gracefully; their faces almost never get old. Have you ever seen an old Chinese or Japanese woman who looked her age? Never. If she does, then she is way over 100 years of age. The same is for men. My Chinese Medicine teacher, who was in his sixties when I was attending college, and I kept in touch for twenty-five years; he hasn’t changed one bit. It is as if he was frozen in time. So what is the secret to this, you ask? O.K. I will share with you some wisdom of the Chinese and Japanese people on how to stay beautiful for many years to come.

To maintain one’s beauty, it is important to follow these Oriental beauty secrets:

  • Protect your skin from the sun. Have you ever seen a Japanese woman walking in the sun without a hat and umbrella? I doubt it.
  • Good skin comes from a healthy body- make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • -Eat plenty of fish, grains, ad consume less meat. Always keeps yourself hydrated.
  • -Eat citrus fruits and don’t forget to also eat the peel! It contains plenty of Vitamin C and antioxidant, which protects your skin.
  • -Go to bed before eleven p.m. The adrenal gland kicks in after eleven, and starts overworking, causing adrenal fatigue. Fatigued adrenal glands can cause premature aging. Try to sleep eight or nine hours at night-it will keep you rested, your skin relaxed, and you happy.
  • -Stop worrying, feeling frustrated and angry. Instead, start exercising; walking or swimming. That will keep the circulation going, keeping your skin fresh and beautiful.
  • -Massage your shoulders and face to create circulation.
  • -Do yoga or Tai Chi- it teaches good breathing techniques. That will help you feel strong and healthy and increase circulation.

By: Raphaela Sorkin