The Balanced Diet in Chinese Medicine


Let’s start from the dinner table. How do you eat, fast or slow? Do you chew your food, or gulp it down? I remember when I was a student studying Chinese Medicine, many of my professors would disappear during lunchtime. No one knew where they went for lunch, until one day I found one of them sitting in the closet eating his lunch. He explained to me that during meals, it is very important to have peace and quite, so your food can be digested properly. Chewing is the major part of good digestion, and being relaxed and concentrating on chewing your food slowly makes your food assimilate faster.

The Chinese know that the healthiest diet is when you consume about 70% of plant foods such as fruits and vegetables, 15% of protein, and 15% of whole grains. Fruits and vegetables are easy to digest, while proteins and starches take a longer time. It’s also good to eat with the season; cooling foods in summer, and warming foods in winter. However, eating too much of cold foods causes stagnations, stomach cramps, and coldness, while too much of hot foods can cause stomach acid or ulcers. I will talk about this in later articles.

Meanwhile, keep food simple, and try eating small meals several times a day. It is best to stop eating before you get full and always eat slowly; eating in moderation is the key to good health.

By: Raphaela Sorkin