Using Feng Shui Colors for Happiness and Success


We are always aware of the clothes and colors that we wear every day of our lives; the colors express our moods and the state of our emotions. If we are happy, we wear bright colors; if we are sad or depressed, we tend to go for darker shades. Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if we could wear colors and clothes that would help us with our jobs, moods, relationships, etc.? If our energy is strong, we can wear any color at any time, but if our energy is out of balance, we can do more damage by wearing colors that could interact with our imbalances. It is important to wear the colors that will bring you good and healthy energy, and at the same time make you look and feel attractive, as well as lucky.

All of us have one lucky piece of clothing or jewelry that we always wear when we go to a job interview, on a date, a business trip, or some other important meeting. We somehow feel that that particular piece of clothing or jewelry will bring us good luck. Maybe it’s true that this particular piece of clothing or jewelry is lucky, or maybe we made it lucky because we like it so much. But that’s what Feng Shui is about. We, ourselves make things happen with Feng Shui to improve and bring more joy and happiness to our lives. That is why Feng Shui can help us wear choose what clothing and colors will make us feel happy and lucky most of the time.

The five colors that we use in Chinese Medicine are green, red, yellow, white and blue/black. These are important colors and pertain to the Five-Element theory of Chinese Medicine. By using five of these important colors, we can balance the energy of our body. For example, green, which pertains to the liver organ, is the color of growth, spring, hope, and health, and is used in Feng Shui for success and growth of business, family, and health. Red, which pertains to the heart organ, is the color of power, luck, joy, fame, and is used in Feng Shui for success in business and personal life. Yellow or gold, which pertains to the spleen organ, is the color of health, joy, laughter, and is very well used in Feng Shui to balance the health and emotions as well as bringing tolerance and wisdom. White, which pertains to the lung organ, is the color of pureness, lightness, and is often used in Feng Shui (for children as well as adults) for self awareness and creativity. Black or blue, which pertains to the kidneys, is the color of hope, depth, and is used for stability and success in business.

There are other colors that we used in Feng Shui, such as pink for romance and love, purple for power, richness, and nobility, brown for stability and elegance, and gray for balance and calmness. Each and every color can bring happiness and joy to the wearer. It is up to us to make the clothes and colors that we wear work for us, make us happy, and bring us good luck. With a little help by using Feng Shui, we can actually make it happen.

By: Raphaela Sorkin