What is Lomi Lomi Massage

Eastern Medicine

It seems that every culture has their own massage techniques. Lomi Lomi massage is the sacred massage technique traditional to the Hawaiians brought over by the first Polynesian settlers. “Lomi” actually translates as to rub or knead while two “Lomi”s together mean massage. This type of massage is hard to explain dryly. Every Lomi Lomi massage therapist will have their own unique techniques they use but the philosophy behind their massage will always be the same. In the Hawaiian culture, “living aloha” or in loving relaxation is very important and Lomi Lomi massage is meant to infuse that way of life deep into the core of the body with energy flow from therapist to patient.

How it Lomi Lomi Done?

            The massage is usually started with a quiet moment of prayer and meditation of the therapist with their hands resting on the patient. The client can also express their healing desires. How the massage is begun depends greatly on how the spirit moves the therapist and never will there be an identical Lomi Lomi massage.

The main aspect of the Lomi Lomi massage that makes it unique is the rhythmic movements done with the entire forearm, creating a rolling sensation over the body like the waves of the sea. Another technique that sets it apart is the working on more than one area of the body at a time. This is meant to completely distract the mind from trying to concentrate on the feeling of one body part. When unable to focus on something the mind is more easily pulled deeper into relaxation and tranquility. Lomi Lomi massage focuses more on treating the client as a whole, not just one part of the body that is tense. The philosophy is that loving hands and a loving heart will spill over onto the patient and the energy will heal the client with love and return them to balance and harmony.

To free the stiffness in the joints the therapist may also twist and pull the joints to gently release tension. The massage can change from fast and intense to slow and deep many times throughout the massage and can result in very emotional releases. During the entire massage music and dancing will be included as a way of increasing the energy in the room, according to spiritual Hawaiian beliefs of how these movements involve the breath of the Creator. The healing effects of Lomi Lomi massage can go way beyond the physical aspect and continue to heal even after the massage is over, releasing any negative energy in the body.

An Experience to Remember

            Many people who have experienced a Lomi Lomi massage call it a spiritual experience they will never forget. This is with just one therapist. There is a twist that can make the massage even more memorable. If you are lucky enough to experience a Lomi Lomi massage done by more than one person. This experience of four or six hands working on your body at once is said to be amazing and blissful.

When massage therapists learn the art of Lomi Lomi they learn the techniques but more importantly they learn the philosophy behind the sacred massage as a passing of love from your hands to heal the heart of the client through the energy of the Aloha Spirit.


Written by Crystal Amelco