Where Is Asbestos Commonly Located in a House?

Though asbestos may be present anywhere in a home, some areas are more common than others because of the types of materials that were once manufactured with asbestos as a component. When purchasing an older home or considering renovations of an older home, there may be concerns of asbestos being present. When left untouched and undisturbed, asbestos is not necessarily dangerous. However, when it is disturbed, its fibers can become airborne. When airborne, they may be inhaled by people in proximity, and the fibers may lodge permanently in their lungs. This is when asbestos exposure may become deadly because it can lead to irreversible lung damage and death. If you have not yet purchased the home in question and would like an asbestos inspection, an asbestos removal company can do this for you.

Where Asbestos Can Be Found
Here are some of the most common locations in homes where asbestos is often found:

  • Floors. Older homes with linoleum or vinyl flooring often contain asbestos. If your house has older flooring tiles, you may benefit from calling on an asbestos removal company to determine if there is asbestos present.
  • Interior walls. Not all older types of sheetrock or drywall contains asbestos. A qualified asbestos inspector may be able to determine if the wall material has asbestos, especially if a section of the wall is damaged and reveals the inside of the sheetrock.
  • Pipe insulation and ductwork. Asbestos was commonly used in various forms of insulation, including for pipes and ductwork. When the sealed insulation cracks from age or contact, asbestos may be exposed.
  • Window putty. If the window installations included the use of window putty, it may need to be replaced by a certified asbestos removal company. This will also contribute to bringing the windows up to code.
  • Ceilings. Asbestos was once a common component of ceiling tiles and sheet materials used for ceilings. The drywall itself might contain asbestos, as well as the insulation used in attic floors above ceilings.

Asbestos is dangerous when tampered with or exposed to air. It’s critical that homeowners avoid performing asbestos remediation on their own, as proper training, equipment, and permits to lawfully dispose of asbestos debris are all necessary for this. It is often not possible to determine if asbestos is present in the home. To make an informed decision about purchasing an older home, or before engaging in renovation work, consult a trained and certified asbestos removal contractor, like an asbestos removal contractor in Malibu, CA, to perform an inspection on the house in question. The nominal charge for an inspection may be the best investment you can make for your family’s well-being. 

Thanks to Nielsen Environmental for their insight into where asbestos is commonly found in a home.