When you were recently involved in a personal injury and you came out of it with dental damage, you may not even realize that you can speak with your dentist about helping you with your claim for your personal injury case. However, the first, and most important thing you should be concerned about is seeing your dentist immediately after you were injured so they can assess the damage and determine the best form of treatment. When you have the specific  treatment options in mind, your dentist can inform you of the different costs that would be required. This is crucial because when you are filing a personal injury claim you need to know the value of your injuries. Don’t hesitate to call a dentist today to discuss your dental damage and begin helping you with your personal injury claim.

How can a dentist help with my case?

When you work with a dentist after your personal injury accident, you should expect that your dentist will be there to help from start to finish. This means going to your dentist immediately following your accident, explaining what occurred, having your dentist assess the damage done through a physical examination and potentially through x-rays, creating a treatment plan, fixing your injuries, and taking detailed notes of the entire process. Your dentist should have thorough documentation of the entire process and any new information from subsequent visits.

What if I cannot afford the work my dentist needs to do?

No one is expecting a personal injury accident to occur, and when it does it can be absolutely devastating. Not only is the pain associated with a chipped or avulsed tooth unexpected, but you may not have the finances readily available to pay for all this damage. When this is the case, talk with your attorney and your dentist about working on a lien. When your dentist is on lien, it means that the patient can still get the proper treatment for their injuries if they cannot pay upfront or if they are unable to pay at all. Your dentist will get paid once the court settles your case. You will need your attorney’s signature, your dentist’s signature, and your own signature.  

How does this help with my claim?

When your dentist has completed the paperwork necessary for your treatment, they can work with your attorney so that your attorney can submit the information in court when you file your personal injury claim. It is important to ensure that your dentist and your attorney are on the same page and have an open line of communication so that your attorney knows the dental treatment you are getting and how much it costs so they can submit an appropriate value for your claim.

If you have recently been in a personal injury accident and sustained dental damage, you should not feel like you cannot get the treatment done just because you can’t afford it out of pocket. Speak with a dentist to see how they can help you with your cosmetic dentistry and your personal injury claim so that you can get the compensation you deserve.


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