5 Ways How Back Pain Can Affect Your Life

Back pain is a common ailment among adults, and some may accept it as a part of life. However, chronic back pain should not ever be normalized. As a back pain chiropractor, can explain, back pain can reduce your quality of life. Here are a few ways how back pain can affect your life.

Disrupt Sleep

Many people with chronic back pain complain about not being able to get enough sleep. When your back hurts, you can’t concentrate on anything but the pain. As a result, you may struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position and fall asleep. Even if you do eventually fall asleep, you may wake up multiple times throughout the night. If you’re running on little sleep, you may be more irritable and less focused during the day.

Hurt Work Performance

If you struggle with back pain, your work performance can suffer too. You may have trouble sitting comfortably with back pain. Instead of focusing on completing your tasks, you may concentrate on finding a comfortable sitting position. If you become less productive because of your back pain and miss deadlines, you could put your job in jeopardy.

Contribute to Weight Gain

Believe it or not, back pain may also make you more prone to weight gain. When you are dealing with back pain, it can make exercise very difficult. You may move around as little as possible to minimize your pain. Unfortunately, after time, the lack of activity can cause you to gain weight.

Lead to Depression

Back pain can also affect your mental health. If you are dealing with frequent pain and can no longer participate in the activities you once enjoyed, you may become depressed. If you experience depression and anxiety, the stress of it can cause your muscles to tense up, worsening your pain.

Strain Relationships with Family and Friends

If you are unable to see and participate in activities with your family and friends because of your back pain, it may put a strain on the relationships. You may miss spending time with your family and friends and wish that you could see them.

If you have chronic back pain, you may want to discuss a treatment plan with a back pain chiropractor soon.