On any given day, a chiropractor may see a wide range of patients of various ages and with an array of health concerns. Though a chiropractic adjustment is the standard treatment method, the chiropractor will cater the care to meet each person’s needs. Regardless of the source of your joint pain or how bad it is, your chiropractor has the knowledge and training to provide relief.

A Typical Adjustment

You may have heard about chiropractic adjustments. It’s important to know how they work and the purposes they serve in chiropractic care. With this treatment, the doctor will apply controlled, sudden force to the person’s spine. This action allows the chiropractor to manipulate the spine and realign it properly. The chiropractor may repeat this process a few times, depending on the person’s condition and the severity of his or her issues.

Adjustments for Pregnant Patients

Pregnant women tend to experience a great deal of discomfort and irritation in their hips and pelvis. The developing fetus and shift of a woman’s center of gravity put a lot of strain on joints and muscles. Adjustments can relieve this pain and help the woman more effectively manage the changes in her body. The chiropractor will be sensitive and mindful of her comfort level. To do this, the doctor may raise or lower the table. The patient also put a pillow or cushion between her legs. While most patients will lie down on their stomach, pregnant women can either lie or their side or sit in a chair for the adjustment.

Adjustments for Younger Patients

Children may feel anxiety and fear as they arrive at the chiropractor’s office. The office staff will help the patient feel at ease as treatment begins. The chiropractor will apply less pressure than with older patients for the child’s adjustment. The doctor may also choose to use an instrument, rather than his or her hands.

Same Technique Every Time

In most cases, the chiropractor will adjust a patient the same way with each visit. The treatment plan may deem that the patient comes in three or four times a week for several months, while other patients may require a less intensive approach. To reduce the person’s pain and attack the troubling condition, it’s important to maintain a consistent approach of care.

If you have chronic pain, a chiropractor will discuss your condition, health history, and concerns before beginning treatment. Based on your answers, the doctor can determine your treatment and offer complementary treatments like acupuncture so you can feel better sooner. Contact an acupuncturist for chronic pain acupuncture treatment Santa Monica, CA.

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